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As a traveler, the life and the world open themselves in a festive way. To travel light, as I do now, using mirrorless cameras like Fujifilm, Sony, or a rangefinder film camera is the key to a more pleasant experience. Lightness and elegance mix themselves in an exquisite way. Sometimes it is important to minimize the “photographer print” you leave in a group of people, or community. Many times “silence” is the defining word when you really need to be inconspicuous.

I started to pay my full attention to photography a decade ago – I begun with a Panasonic compact camera, then moved to a Canon DSLR system, which offered me the flexibility and versatility I needed. Prime lenses were my favourites – fast apertures, compact sizes and great sharpness were the decisive factors. Then, lightness and high IQ became more important reasons.

Life is passing by. There is no way you can freeze time, but only through a metaphoric instrument : photography. Capture the moment! And cherish it, even share it with the world that matters. As long as each experience is a lesson, each captured moment is a key to our past –  and also a sign to be read in preparing the future.

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