I’ve been reading some articles about Metabones Speed Booster and Zhongyi Lens Turbo II for Fuji X mount. They offer incredible freedom for those (like me) who love to use manual focus lenses on their digital mirrorless cameras. I don’t have a speed booster adapter, yet. But it is on my wish-list.
So, I’ve been thinking about something that Fujifilm could build for all of us and with their innovative spirit, high quality optics and superb manufacture process, this would be a top-selling product, in my humble, non-engineer opinion.
It is a Wide Speed Converter manufactured by Fujifilm, that could give you:
1. One additional stop of light.
2. Full-Frame Field of View on their XF lenses. XF 35mm F2.0 WR would offer you the 35mm FOV in FF terms and F1.4 boosted aperture.
3. Weather Sealing
4. Autofocus on XF lenses.
I guess there could be some technical limitations. I just don’t see how XF 14mm F2.8 or the new XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR could be adapted to work with this kind of wide converter and still offer a viable image. But I see a lot of potential for at least a few of their lenses.
Let’s say that this adapter will only work for XF 23, 35, 50 and 90mm F2.0 WR lenses (because of some technical limitations). Would you buy that? I know I would love to have one! 
PS: This product doesn’t exist. Yet. The image you see is a Photoshop mockup. But with many other existing products, it only started with a dream, a fantasy, a suggestion. If my idea will get credit on Fujirumors, the worldwide largest online community for Fujifilm X and GFX-shooters and non-stop Fujifilm News/Rumors coverage, then we have hopes. It is not the first time when Fujifilm listens to the needs of their customers and surely it won’t be the last.
Fujifilm, if this is not an absurd idea, please manufacture this! Thank you!

All photos and text – © Sebastian Boatca 2017 / www.sebastianboatca.com