What to expect from Fujifilm X-Pro3

I am really interested in the future Fujifilm X-Pro3, as I had the X-Pro1 and now, I happily use the X-Pro2. We all have specific reasons to love the X-Pro series and I think the X-Pro3 would be an interesting topic to discuss, too.

Looking at the launching dates of X-Pro1 and X-Pro2, compared to the dates when X-T1 and X-T2 were launched, I hoped I could see a pattern in Fujifilm’s calendar;  where X-Pro series presents us technical improvements that will follow on the X-T series. But with the rumoured X-T3 launching date for September 2018 and no consistent info on the upcoming X-Pro3, this pattern isn’t valid any longer. We’ll have, this time, the X-T3 before the X-Pro3, that we almost know nothing about. It seems the market trends and the competition can dictate changes in the calendar pattern I was talking about.

I invite you to share your impressions on the X-Pro3; what would you like to see on this future model? When do you think it will be announced?

So far, I could only speculate that X-Pro3 will get the improvements (which are rumoured and confirmed) to be implemented within the upcoming X-T3:

1. New X PRO Processor. A new, faster one, or we could speculate the presence of 2 X Pro Processors, to cope with the new performance requirements;

2. New software, with improved AF and better noise reduction – at least what we see inside the X-H1. If X-T3 is supposed to bring improvements over the X-H1’s performance, then it is safe to assume the X-Pro3 will incorporate them, as well;

3. New X-Trans sensor, as originally rumoured, with a resolution over 24 MP, but less than 30 MP. A 26 MP resolution BSI X-Trans sensor could make sense, in order to get slight resolution improvements, but still not sacrificing low-light performance and not putting too much strain on the processor(s). The phase detection on the entire surface of the sensor sounds really great;

4. Improved ISO performance. The base ISO 160 (why not ISO 100?) seems like an improvement, also good for the long exposure photography.

4. Additional film simulations, like ETERNA, NATURA and SUPERIA (plus the improved AF and noise reduction I was mentioning above) and maybe video improvements (that I don’t find particularly necessary, especially when we have X-H1 for that and even the improved X-T2, not to mention the upcoming X-T3);

5. A better build body with more scratch resistant cover, better weather sealing and with a more resistant magnesium alloy chassis, as the X-H1 is over the X-T2; with 25% improved resistance. I think there is room for improvement, regarding a more solid build for the battery door and SD cards compartment door, from the points of view of both weather sealing and squeakfreeness (if it’s not a real word, it should be :))

What I also would like to see is:

A. A better battery life – as this is also a very important aspect and with increased performance, may also come an increased energy consumption.

B. A larger viewfinder – at least at the eye exit level, with a better refresh rate for the electronic viewfinder. I think the viewfinders of the X-T2 and X-H1 offer great performance. As we start to use the electronic viewfinder more than the optical one (just take a look at the extended Fujinon lens range, with bigger, longer, heavier lenses), we might just accept the idea that there could be a future X-Pro camera fitted with an EVF only. I know, the hybrid viewfinder in X-Pro and X100 series cameras is like the unique, gorgeous feature of their personality, that put those beautiful cameras aside and makes the stand out from the crowd. But we shouldn’t dismiss the advantages of a super huge EVF, let’s say 0.80X magnification and over 4 million dots OLED display. Would you say no to this?

C. Some button reconfiguration – if necessary, or an extra Fn button, for better accessibility. Also, the possibility to configure (why not) all the buttons, assigning them the functions that fits our style of shooting. The main dials on top of the camera could be bigger, for improved ergonomics. The Exposure Compensation Dial could be made to operate under more physical force, in order to avoid accidental changes in exposure compensation.

I don’t have a long list of requests, as I am happy with my X-Pro2, but I think I have covered important aspects that we could (and we would like to) see in the upcoming X-Pro3.

I invite you to share your ideas and comments.

May the Light be with you!

PS: Following Patrick’s updates from Fujirumors, we hope the new X-Pro model will be an attractive camera. The details we still have no news about, hopefully will be improvements of the existing features that we enjoy today, plus some new capabilities, which can close the gap between a Fujifilm flagship camera and the rivals from Sony, Nikon and soon, Canon, who already started to make the competition even harder.

All photos and text – © Sebastian Boatca 2018 / www.sebastianboatca.com

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  1. I do miss a fully atricular monitor as I had on my GX8. I also would love to see a even better AF Performance and AF-C speed/accuracy. Everything else is just as perfect as the X-Pro2 is right now.

  2. I think the x-pro 3 is delayed to give the GFX 50R the stage. Sure, they are competing in different markets segments, but some x-pro 2 owners might be a quite interesting target group for the GFX rangefinder style MF camera.

    I agree with all your wishes and would add an articulated screen thet you can flip around so that it gets entirely invisible.

    Better DR, better low light capabilities, better color fidelity in some extreme situtions, for instance high-key reg gets yellow in the current version.

    A bit smaller, lighter and cleaner, sleeker design. The x-pro 2 has too many frames around buttons and the screen and is built of too many different materials. A bit more Leica or Apple design.

    1. Thanks for your input. I doubt there will be a tilt screen (although many people asked for it) in the future X-Pro3, but who knows? Me, personally, I don’t want it to be smaller – I am happy with its size and design. But there is always room for improvement, here.

    1. Less buttons would offer a cleaner design. I love the minimalist approach in art, design and also, engineering. But for every button that will disappear, that means one more function that you need to access via the menu. It is cool, inside my car (less buttons), but sometimes I truly enjoy having the dials and buttons where they are (so quick to access), instead of digging inside the menu. This is why I love Fujifilm and Sony… not really.

  3. i really hope the button placement will be inspired by the gfx 50r, with the afl and ael buttons more reachable or accessible like in the x-t series. also the evf would benefit from a larger magnification (0.7x at least) and longer eyepoint (23mm). and of course, all the technical and firmware specs of the x-t3 and x-h1, to make it worth the x-pro name and price. 😉

    1. There is room for improvements. I was thinking, if the EVF would be like Leica SL’s viewfinder (0.8X magnification and 4.4 MP resolution) – and if it’s not possible to implement this EVF in the hybrid viewfinder architecture, then I think I could give up the HVF, in favor of a superb EVF. Don’t you think?

  4. Is there a reason we couldn’t have a bigger eye point, bigger EVF with FAST refresh and 4.4mp resolution And a great OVF which would be slightly wider on the wide lens selection to include room for 16mm frame lines for the new 16mm f2.8 lens.As a Leica film camera user I never found it necessary to have a wide lens much greater than 24mm( 35mm film focal length) I use the EVF for macro shots and for VERY wide lenses or VERY long lenses.The Exposure Compensation Dial as well as the shutter speed dial could have a lock/unlock much like thew xt2/3.(I love the ISO dial but it could be made a bit easier to see. If you had a lock/unlock button it would also make it easy to change the ISO without changing the shutter speed.) An articulating rear screen…I’m leaning in favor of one if it did not make the camera TOO deep. For me though, the x-pro2 is almost perfect. Better performance YES.

  5. Hi i have the Xpro 2 and love it , i wouldn’t upgrade for the reasons you give here personally as to me there are quite small, as regards the quality of the build i have no complaints either ,i think in so many ways its the perfect camera for me and it would take some giant leap forward for me to upgrade as the images and the user experience are top notch animi a happy boy.

  6. In addition of your wishes, I would like to see an additional magnification level for the OVF, so we could use lenses like the 50mm and 56mm with the OVF indeed in stead of switching to the EVF . . .

  7. I think Fuji has to add way more improvement to an xpro3 than they did on the xt2-xt3 upgrade. To be honest, only relevant for video users. An xpro3 should be a tool for serious still photographers such as the Leica M but more affordable.

    If you look at what phone camera manufacturers such as Huawei did on their Mate 20 phones might be worth consideration. They put a 40 MP sensor behind that tiny lense and put some fantastic features on top, e.g. pixel bundling to decrease noise in low light or to improve b&w mode by increased dynamic range. The photos out of that phone are amazing!

    It would be really high time for classic camera makers to adapt some of the creativity phone makers offer their customers!

    So why not put a BSI sensor but with much higher resolution and then play with the opportunities! If Huawei can do it Fuji should get access to that as well.

    My clear message would be, focus on still enthusiasts and put more effort on advanced technologies Luke AI are offering. But leave the M button of course!

  8. Nothing ground breaking, just usual update, so boring, I would be disappointed. My take, xpro3 will be here few months before releasing X-T4, it will have new sensor with new technology called 3D sensor to increase mp to pass 30mp!
    I call this groundbreaking …

  9. Why not ISO 50? Those numbers are meaningless anyway. They can call it whatever they want. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. If the numbers are meaningless, then why bother including them in the menu and on a dial on the top end of the camera?

  10. I would like Fuji to add a lock on the diopter button and I would like to see them add the ability to lock the shutter speed and aperture.

  11. Why do we need the exposure adjustment dial? I fix mine on “C” and use the command dial to make adjustments.The vacant space could be used for the ISO settings instead of the present fiddly position inside the speed dial. Just an idea!

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