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Minimalism in Photography

Sometimes I think about how to implement the minimalism philosophy in my photography style, following the “less is more” principle. But I don’t want to follow this path, just because I have read about it, or it might be a fashion in almost everything we want to create, today. It is “cool”, yes, but that’s not the point. I have come to this resolution, pushed by the need of change.

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Social Media Networks for Photographers

As photographers, no matter if we are beginners, enthusiasts, advanced or full professionals, we are living both interesting and challenging times. With the progress in science and technology and the way we work, interact with each other, buy, use and sell our equipment, all of these shape a totally different universe from what we were used to live, not so many years ago.

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Backup Files on-the-go or the RAVPOWER FileHub RP-WD03 review

This is my first cheap & compact solution for photo backup while travelling without a laptop, or a tablet. As I feel we consume a lot of our very limited spare time on post-processing our photos, archiving them, sharing them on social networks, then what we have left for the actual very enjoyable process of capturing those images? I love to photograph! I may find the time to deal with my old photo files, later, but when I travel and I am in a beautiful location, I feel it’s a chance that I have to grab and I need to make the best of it.

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Rainy Brussels

I was part of a team of enthusiasts photographers in a photo walk in Brussels, during November’s whimsy weather. Starting from the afternoon until the evening, night included, we roamed the streets of this city, looking for architecture and street photography subjects, enjoying each other’s company, exchanging tips and experiences.